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Second Generation Frenchie Doodle Litter!

Updated: Mar 12

Second Generation Frenchie Doodle Litter!

Quick update.. We've produced the only 2nd generation Frenchie Doodles in the world! This litter is fully registered with the Designer Kennel Club, the only registry that verifies this breed. We are excited and have big plans with these babies. Non-shedding aka hypoallergenic, better breathing, stronger digestive system, added life span than French Bulldogs & Poodles! These Frenchie Doodle puppies are all spoken for. We do not have any available at this time, but plan to have some by the end of this year. Price range will be $5-$10k based on size, colors, and quality. Please stay tuned on our blog updates. We love to document our progress so we can evaluate our work through this journey to producing the perfect Frenchie Doodle.

frenchie doodle puppies is the creator and founder of the Frenchie Doodle breed. Officially registered with the

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