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Grooming Tips for Your Frenchie Floodle: Combining the Best of French Bulldogs and Poodles

Updated: Jun 19

The Frenchie Floodle, a delightful mix between the French Bulldog and Poodle, combines the charming features of both breeds. With their unique appearance and lovable temperament, Frenchie Floodles make wonderful pets. However, their grooming needs can be specific and require attention to keep them looking and feeling their best. Here's a comprehensive guide to grooming your Frenchie Floodle, inspired by Poodle grooming techniques.

Understanding the Frenchie Floodle Coat

Frenchie Floodles typically inherit a blend of the French Bulldog's short, smooth coat and the Poodle's curly, hypoallergenic fur. This mix can vary, with some Frenchie Floodles having more of a wavy or curly coat similar to the Poodle, while others may lean towards the smoother coat of the French Bulldog. Understanding your Frenchie Floodle’s specific coat type is the first step in effective grooming.

Regular Brushing

Frequency: Brush your Frenchie Floodle's coat at least 2-3 times a week. This helps to prevent matting and tangles, especially if your dog has a curlier coat.

Tools: Use a slicker brush for curly coats and a bristle brush for smoother coats. A comb can help detangle knots.

Technique: Start brushing from the head, moving towards the tail. Be gentle to avoid irritating the skin, and pay extra attention to areas prone to matting, such as behind the ears and under the legs.


Frequency: Bathe your Frenchie Floodle once a month or as needed, depending on their activity level and coat type.

Shampoo: Use a high-quality dog shampoo suitable for sensitive skin. Poodle-like coats may benefit from moisturizing shampoos to maintain their curls.

Technique: Wet your dog thoroughly with lukewarm water. Apply the shampoo, lathering it well into the coat. Rinse thoroughly to ensure no residue is left, which can cause skin irritation. Dry your dog with a towel and, if needed, a hairdryer on a low setting to avoid burning their skin.

Trimming and Clipping

Frequency: Trim your Frenchie Floodle’s coat every 6-8 weeks to keep it manageable and neat.

Tools: Use quality clippers designed for dog grooming. Scissors can be used for precision trimming around sensitive areas like the face, paws, and tail.

Technique: Follow the natural lines of your dog’s body when clipping. For a more Poodle-like look, you can leave the fur longer on the top of the head and the ears, while keeping the body and legs trimmed shorter. Be careful around the face and ears to avoid accidents.

Ear Care

Frequency: Check and clean your Frenchie Floodle’s ears weekly to prevent infections.

Tools: Use a vet-recommended ear cleaner and cotton balls.

Technique: Moisten a cotton ball with the ear cleaner. Gently wipe the inside of the ear, avoiding inserting anything deep into the ear canal. Dry the ear with a clean cotton ball.

Nail Trimming

Frequency: Trim your Frenchie Floodle’s nails every 3-4 weeks, or as needed.

Tools: Use a dog nail clipper or grinder.

Technique: Carefully clip the nails, avoiding the quick (the sensitive part of the nail that contains blood vessels). If you’re unsure, it’s best to have a professional groomer or vet do this.

Dental Care

Frequency: Brush your Frenchie Floodle’s teeth several times a week to maintain good oral health.

Tools: Use a dog toothbrush and toothpaste.

Technique: Gently brush in circular motions, focusing on the gum line. Offer dental chews to help keep teeth clean between brushings.

Eye Care

Frequency: Check your Frenchie Floodle’s eyes daily for discharge or irritation.

Tools: Use a damp cloth or a vet-recommended eye cleaner.

Technique: Wipe gently around the eyes to remove any debris. Keep the area dry to prevent tear stains, which are more common in Poodle mixes.

Grooming your Frenchie Floodle requires a blend of techniques suitable for both French Bulldogs and Poodles. Regular brushing, bathing, trimming, and specific care for ears, nails, teeth, and eyes will ensure your Frenchie Floodle stays healthy and looks their best. By dedicating time to proper grooming, you can keep your Frenchie Floodle comfortable, clean, and happy, enjoying the best of both breeds in one adorable package.

frenchie floodle


In 2019, Don Chino introduced a new hybrid breed that quickly captured the hearts of dog enthusiasts worldwide: the Frenchie Doodle, also known as the Floodle. This delightful mix of French Bulldog and Poodle combines the best traits of both breeds, resulting in a charming, intelligent, and affectionate companion. The Frenchie Doodle has become a favorite among dog lovers everywhere, and for good reasons.

Origins of the Frenchie Doodle

The Frenchie Doodle was created with the goal of merging the lovable personality of the French Bulldog with the hypoallergenic qualities and intelligence of the Poodle. Don Chino, a visionary breeder, recognized the potential for a breed that could appeal to a broader range of pet owners, including those with allergies.

Characteristics of the Frenchie Doodle

1. Temperament: Frenchie Doodles inherit the friendly and playful nature of French Bulldogs. They are known for their affectionate and loyal demeanor, making them excellent family pets. Their Poodle lineage adds a layer of intelligence and trainability, making them quick learners and highly adaptable.

2. Physical Traits: This hybrid breed typically features the compact and muscular build of a French Bulldog combined with the curly or wavy coat of a Poodle. The result is a dog that is both adorable and low-shedding, making them suitable for households with allergy concerns.

3. Health Benefits: By crossbreeding French Bulldogs with Poodles, breeders aim to reduce some of the health issues commonly associated with purebred French Bulldogs, such as respiratory problems. The genetic diversity introduced through this hybridization can lead to a healthier and more resilient pet.

Why the Frenchie Doodle is So Popular

1. Hypoallergenic Qualities: One of the most significant advantages of the Frenchie Doodle is its hypoallergenic coat. This trait makes them an ideal choice for individuals or families with allergies. Unlike purebred French Bulldogs, the Floodle’s coat reduces the risk of allergic reactions, allowing more people to enjoy their company.

2. Intelligence and Trainability: The Poodle is renowned for its intelligence and trainability, traits that the Frenchie Doodle inherits. These dogs are quick to learn new commands and tricks, making them enjoyable companions for those who love to engage in interactive play and training sessions.

3. Versatility: Frenchie Doodles are adaptable to various living environments, from apartments to larger homes with yards. Their moderate exercise needs and adaptable nature make them suitable for both city and suburban living.

4. Social and Friendly: These dogs are highly social and thrive on interaction with their human families. Their friendly nature extends to other pets and children, making them excellent additions to households with multiple animals or young kids.

Caring for Your Frenchie Doodle

1. Grooming: Regular grooming is essential to maintain the health and appearance of a Frenchie Doodle's coat. Depending on the curliness of their fur, they may require brushing several times a week and occasional professional grooming to prevent matting.

2. Exercise: While Frenchie Doodles enjoy playtime and walks, they do not have excessive exercise needs. Daily walks and some interactive play are usually sufficient to keep them healthy and happy.

3. Health Checkups: Regular veterinary checkups are crucial to monitor their health and address any potential issues early on. Being proactive about their health can help prevent common problems and ensure a long, happy life.

The Frenchie Doodle, or Floodle, represents the perfect blend of the French Bulldog's charm and the Poodle's intelligence. Introduced by Don Chino in 2019, this hybrid breed has quickly gained popularity for its hypoallergenic coat, friendly temperament, and adaptability. Whether you're an allergy sufferer looking for a low-shedding pet or simply in search of a loving and intelligent companion, the Frenchie Doodle is an excellent choice. Embrace the joy and companionship of a Frenchie Doodle and experience the best of both worlds in one delightful dog.

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