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Frenchie Doodle Digestive System

Updated: Mar 12

Frenchie Doodle Digestive System

After creating and breeding Frenchie Doodles the last 3 years, we've notice the digestive system of our doodles have improved tremendously. Our Frenchie Doodle dog's digestive and stool consistency compared to our pure Frenchies and Poodles are far more consistent and less incidents of upset stomach or diarrhea. We have been feeding all our dogs the same food, a 24% protein 20%fat, no grain blend. The evaluation is based over time and stool samples. We believe the combination of these breeds improved the overall system. It's common to see designer dogs having a stronger immune and digestive systems because the bloodlines are no longer bred so closely within their respective breeds. We believe our Frenchie Doodle bloodline took the best traits from each breed fortunately. We will continue to evaluate and hope to keep improving our beloved breed.. the Frenchie Doodle!

frenchie doodle floodle producer

Jeffrey, a foundation Frenchie Doodle stud in our program.

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