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Delilah the Frenchie Doodle

Updated: Mar 12

Delilah the Frenchie Doodle is a first generation and foundation female. She is registered with Designer Kennel Club as a Cream Frenchie Doodle. Currently, she is 4lbs at 7 months old. We expect her to mature to 7lbs total weight. She is a hypoallergenic and has better breathing capacity than most French Bulldogs. Her bloodline tracks back to the most famous French Bulldog stud in AKC history, Gravy the Lilac French Bulldog. Delilah is a Gravy granddaughter! We have big plans for her and hope she will contribute greatly to our vision for the Frenchie Doodle breed.

frenchie doodle floodle poodle cross mix

Delilah the Frenchie Doodle, 4lbs at 7 months old.

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